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ShipStation for Sage 50 - 2022.1.1

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We are pleased to announce the release of ShipStation for Sage 50. The ShipStation for Sage 50 application has been developed in partnership with ShipStation to provide an uplink from Sage 50 Sale orders or Invoices and allow you to print labels for shipping with any ShipStation logistics provider.

The ShipStation for Sage 50 Application has passed verification by independent software testing company Qualitest and is a fully Sage certified solution.

If you do not already use ShipStation you can Sign up for free 30 Day Trial of ShipStation

Contact [email protected] for more information.


Update Sage 50 Courier

Resolved issue relating to setting courier information back to Sage 50 Invoices, would manifest as a 'invalid cast exception' from 'InvoiceRecord' to 'SopRecord'.



Changed the language used in erros to be more specific, reference the type (invoice/sales order), rather than referring to all as 'document'.

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