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Zynk Workflow 2.22.0 Released

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Amazon Marketplace

The new Export Financial Events task allows exporting of financial information from all supported Amazon Marketplace channels.

Sage 200

The Import Purchase Invoices task allows you to invoice and complete received purchase orders in Sage 200.


Campaign Monitor

The Download Subscribers task has a new setting to control which subscribers are exported: -
  • Modified - will export existing records that have been modified or new records
  • New - will only export new records
  • All - will export all records


The available comparisons that can be used in search clauses for export tasks has been expanded to include a number of new options.

Quickbooks Online

Our Quickbooks Online connector has been upgraded to support OAuth 2.0


The options available on the Export Quotations task have been expanded to allow filtering on new, modified or all records - and the status is no longer a required field.

Sage 200

The Import Goods Received Notes task now supports optionally invoicing the received purchase orders.
New option on Import Sales Orders allows specifying the sort type to use when allocating or despatching traceable items.
The Import Transactions task will now look up default sales or purchase nominal codes from ledger setup if no default is found on the related sales or purchase ledger account.

Sage Business Cloud (Sage One)

Our Sage Business Cloud connector has been updated to reflect the new name, and we have upgraded to support the new v3.1 API.


All of our bulk upload tasks now support setting the concurrency mode to use while the files are processed.


The SFTP connector has been updated to support latest cipher in RSA.


We now support including HTTP Basic Auth details on connections to Visualsoft if additional security has been enabled on your site.

WooCommerce 2.2+

The download tasks have been updated to support to allow providing a comma separated list of Id's of specific records to export.


Our Xero connector has been updated to support throttling, and when the API limit has been hit requests will be retried after 60 seconds. Error reporting has been improved to log more information of import / export issues occur.


Amazon Marketplace

An issue has been resolved in our import feed tasks when uploading to US/CA channels which resulted in failed imports.

Amazon Vendor Central

All tasks in the Amazon Vendor Central connector will not correctly report when no connection has been configured.


Export tasks using the REST API will now correctly page nested data to resolve an issue where only the first 25 records would be returned.


Updates to the CSV to XML task to handle invalid characters in column headers. Error handling and log messages during the conversion have been improved.


Export tasks in the the eBay connector have been updated to resolve an issue with paging.

Magento V1

Fixed validation of carriers in Import Shipments and improved logging for when carriers do not exist.

Magento V2

Changes to the Magento connection to resolve issues for sites with custom htaccess routing, and improved the token generation process.
Export Customers will now correctly handle customer date of birth if no value has been set on the site.
Fixed issue with Upload Shipments to ensure payment is captured on the generated invoice. Updated validation to handle where the order increment id does not exist on the site.
The Import Tier Prices task has been update to handle 0 value price, only negative prices are now prevented.

My Mobile Workers

All export tasks have been updated to resolve issue with including custom fields in the output file.


Fixed issue in Export Report task where the date field was not one of the selected columns in the report.
All export tasks have been updated to resolve issue with search clauses being duplicate resulting in increasing Workflow size when saved.
All import tasks have been updated to resolve issue with records where if a sub record (e.g. sales order item on a sales order) failed the main record would not be included in output file.

Sage 50 UK

Resolved issue in Export Custom Data task where the application would crash if an empty collection is provided in the query string.
Updates to Import Transactions to Allocate Payments tasks to resolve issue where the routine would stop if one of the transactions fail to allocate.
Updates to Import Goods Despatched Notes and Despatch Sales Orders tasks to resolve issue where the next available invoice number used by the routine would clash with invoice numbers generated by the Sage UI.
All export tasks have been updated to resolve issue with incorrect SQL being generated when using the the NotIn comparison in Where conditions on Query Settings.

Sage 50 US

The Export Inventory task no longer uses the LastSavedAt property for identifying modified records, as this doesn't always change when a stock level is updated meaning that all inventory changes aren't always picked up.

Sage 200

Fixed issue in Export Discount Groups where groups with no products assigned would not be included in the output file.
The Import Goods Despatched Notes will now correctly set the UniqueId in the output based on the database id generated by Sage 200, and will be saved in the Truth.
All export tasks have been updated to resolve issue with the calculated oplock values when selecting custom fields from standard tables.
All import tasks that support analysis codes have been updated to support case insensitive matching when looking for existing values.

Sage Business Cloud

All tasks have been updated to correctly update the progress bar when running Workflows through the Designer.


Fixed issue in the Import Complex Records task where the key field matching field type on Salesforce was not a string.


Fixed issue in the Upload Inventory task where data provided in the input was not present in either the success or fail files.


Backup & Restore routine has been amended to resolve issue with updating the Zynk and Log databases.
Resolved issue issue in the SQL Query Designer where unless the SQL text box was highlighted the built query would not be set at the task level.

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