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Zynk Workflow 2.22.4 Released

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Export Members (REST)

'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error if attempting to specify custom fields. Custom fields are not valid for Members in ConnectWise so the option has been removed from the task.



Issue creating/updating connections to Peoplevox when no Workflow is open in Zynk, resulting in an 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error.

Sage 50

Export Customers

If Export Delivery Addresses is enabled, the Forename and Surname of exported delivery addresses was populated from the Contact on the Main Customer record, not the Contact of the delivery address.

Import Invoices

If Auto Creating Products and no NominalCode was provided in the Item data, this would result in a 'Sage nominal code not found' error. Updated the process to use the default in Sage if not provided in the data.

If PostedFlag was provided in the XML input, this would result in the imported Invoice being marked as Posted in Sage, even though the transactions were not updated to the ledger. Updated the process so even if this is provided in the data it will be ignored. Invoices will only be marked as Posted in Sage if the Auto Post Invoices setting is enabled and the invoice is successfully Updated.

Sage 200

Export Tasks

If exporting multiple custom fields from the same table in Sage 200, this would sometimes result in some of the custom fields not being correctly identified and included in the export

Import Sales Orders

If Auto Despatch Order is enabled and an error occurred during the despatch of traceable items, this was resulting in quantity reserved values being left against the item, meaning that the quantity was not accessible/usable in Sage until the issue with the data was resolved (running the correction routine in Sage documented here - does seem to resolve this). Updated the process so that if any error occurs during the despatch routine, Zynk will attempt to roll back any of the changes already made.


Complex Object Import

The process would previously only validate immediate child relationships, meaning that issues with data nested within child relationships would not be identified until the data was being processed. Because the data was not prevalidated, errors were manifesting with the error 'Sequence contains no matching element'. Now recursively prevalidate all objects provided in the input regardless of how nested they are.

If key fields were provided containing a '.' to represent a field in a relationship, this was resulting in an 'Object not set to an instance of an object' error. Updated the parsing of key fields to cater for this scenario.

If fields were provided containing a '.', this was resulting in failure to validate the data. Improved validation around lookup criteria field names containing a '.' by trying to determine whether they refer to an object or lookup field, and then checking whether that exists in Salesforce.



Organisation on the Connection wasn't previously being set based on the selected organisation name when connecting up to Xero. Updated so that the Organisation on the Xero Connection will be based on the Organisation name returned from the Xero API.



Unhandled exception is received when clicking 'Ok' to save the settings on the Options window.


Error received regarding the 'CubicOrange.Windows.Forms.ActiveDirectory' component when creating/editing a Workflow's schedule configuration. Updated the component used by Zynk.

Use Mutex (Single Workflow Instance)

The setting to only allow a single instance of a Workflow to run at a time was not always being respected, allowing an instance of a Workflow to be ran manually when there is already a scheduled instance running. Updated the mutex logic to ensure that the scope is global so will cover an instance of a Workflow running via the task scheduler or manually via the UI.

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