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Zynk Workflow 2.22.5 Released

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Export Orders

Added support for additional fields in the output: 'IsBusinessOrder', 'PurchaseOrderNumber', 'IsPrime', 'IsPremiumOrder', 'PromiseResponseDueDate', 'IsEstimatedShipDateSet'

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Import Customers

Support has been added to allow setting of custom fields at both the customer (SLCustomerAccountX) and delivery address (CustDeliveryAddressX) level. Error handling during import the delivery addresses has been improved so the detail will be logged against the specific address rather than at the customer level.


Complex Object Import

The task has been updated to improve how request limit errors are handled, once the limit has been hit the task will now stop attempting to process further records.


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Export Discount Groups

Export has been updated so changes made to the related stock records will not cause the prices to be included, only a change to either the price or the price band will count as a modification.

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