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Zynk Workflow 2.23.0 Released

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New Export Agreements (REST) task to export agreements with related information from ConnectWise.


New Export Inventory task to export full inventory information for each site configured on the Peoplevox instance. Has a number of options to control what information will be included in the output file.
New Export Template task to allow exporting from any template configured on the Peoplevox instance. Has options to control the format of the output file.
New connector for exporting carriers, orders, shipments and stores, importing orders and marking orders as shipped


You can now choose where logs will be stored for both the truth storage (data that Zynk has imported / exported) and workflow logs. This can either be the existing SqlCe databases installed with Zynk, or you can provide SQL Server connection if you use this within the network where Zynk is installed.



The Update Inventory task now supports looking up active listings based on sku codes depending on the tracking method known.


The connector has been updated to use the new REST API, any workflows using older versions of the tasks will need to be updated.

Magento V2

All import tasks have been updated to allow matching records on multiple fields. Previously you could match to a single field specified in the feed, this has been expanded to allow a collection of match fields to be provided.
The Export Credit Memos, Export Invoices and Export Orders tasks have additional settings to optionally include related records in the output.
The Update Orders Status task has been updated to no longer require a status to be provided in the feed, if a status is not set order will remain at the same status but the comment will be added to the order.


All import tasks that use templates have a new option to validate the template configured per Peoplevox instance to ensure the data will be processed as expected, if the validation fails the data will not be imported.
The Export Despatch Summary task has a new setting to optionally include the related sales order in the output XML.
The Export Purchase Orders and Export Sales Orders tasks will now batch requests when exporting related records to improve the speed of the process.
The Import Item Types task has been updated to improve the validation of records to ensure the barcodes provided in the feed are unique.
The Import Purchase Orders and Import Sales Orders tasks now support a retry process to automatically store and reprocess records if an import fails. Both now support auto creating related contacts (customers or suppliers) including being able to match to existing records. They both also support auto creating products that do not already exist and allow matching to records.

Zynk Core

The Razor Template task now allows additional namespaces to be set which will be passed to the compiler when the template is processed.

Sage 50 UK

The connector has been updated to fully support v26 / 2020 of Sage 50, and companies using that version will be included in the connection wizard.
The Export Customers and Import Customers tasks have been updated to support the payment due field.

Sage 200

The Convert Proformas to Sales Orders task has a new option to control printing of picking lists for generated orders. This can be Disabled to never allow printing, AsSage to adhere to your SOP Settings, or Always to ensure a picking list is printed for every order.
The Export Sales Orders and Import Sales Orders tasks now both support cost prices for standard, free text and additional charge lines.
The Import Sales Orders task now includes additional options for warehouse sorting to support highest stock / lowest stock and highest free stock / lowest free stock levels. The allocation routine has also been updated to support allocating to orders that are imported as on hold.
The Import Stock Records task has been updated to support setting the Barcode field.


The lookup process in the Complex Upload task has been improved to lower the volume of API calls needed to match to existing records.


The connector has been updated to use the latest version of the Shopify API, version 2019-07.
All import tasks now support a prevent reprocessing option when external_id is provided in the feed.
The Export Orders task has a new setting to optionally include all transactions created off the order to be in the output XML.
The Export Products task has a setting to optionally include inventory levels and inventory locations for all related variants in the output XML.
The Update Inventory task has a new setting to control if Zynk should track the Shopify item ids. If enabled Zynk will store the sku and item id in the internal database, but if you are tracking the ids externally you can switch this off.


The connector has been updated to use API v4 so all export tasks can use pagination to better handle exporting large volumes of data.


A new option has been added to control the output file names generated by the XML Split task. The new Output Files Format setting will default to Number which was the existing functionality of the task, the new option Timestamp will instead append a timestamp to the file to ensure the file name is unique across different runs of a workflow.

Zoho CRM

The connector has been updated to use version 2 of the Zoho CRM API. Note while the same tasks are available in the connector the data format has been changed, any workflows using the existing tasks will need to be updated.

Zynk Workflow Designer

We have changed how support tickets are logged from within the designer, you can now submit a specific run of a Workflow from the History tab to ensure all relevant data and logs are included in the request. To submit a request locate the run, right click, and choose Submit Support Ticket, by default a copy the Workflow package, Workflow logs and the archive from the run will be included. This replaces the previous Help -> Submit Support Ticket option.
The context menu of the Workflows list has been updated, you can now right click on a Workflow and choose Open File Location to locate where the Workflow is stored.



The Export Refunds task has been updated to handle the updated refund format from Amazon, the output will now include ShipmentItems as expected.

Auto Mapper

The mapping for Magento V2 Customers to Zynk XML Customers has been updated to better handle contact and company names when details are not provided in the main address from Magento.


The connection wizard has been updated to only allowing picking either Production or Sandbox for the environment, any other value would have resulted in an error when creating a connection.


Both the FTP and SFTP connectors have been updated to address an issue where file paths were not being generated correctly when directories started with ".".


Resolved an issue in the Export Timesheets task when the Export Settings -> Timesheets To setting did not have a value.


An update has been made to ensure the timeout specified is used for every call made, in some instances exports could have timed out when handling large volumes of data.
All imports will now validate the generated CSV data prior to being submitted to Peoplevox, previously this would have been submitted resulting in an unknown error.
Date parsing has been updated to better handle different datetime formats.
The Export Report task has been updated to resolve an issue with task dates not being set correctly when no data was returned.

Sage 50 UK

The Import Customers task has been updated to resolve an issue where contact name may be blanked out if no details are provided in the input, the routine will check the overall result of Title, Forename, MiddleName, Surname and Suffix.

Sage 200

The Export Sales Orders task will not correctly include sales orders that have been cancelled off in Sage, note this only affected the V1 version of the task.


The Import Inventory task will no longer log an error message if a product previously tracked no longer exists, and the entry will be removed from the Zynk internal database so it will not be used again.

WooCommerce (V2.2+ and V3.0+)

Resolved an issue where having a large (or small) quantity in stock could cause records to fail to be processed. This has been addressed in V2.2+ Export Products and Import Products, and V3.0+ Export Products and Import Products.

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