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Zynk Workflow 2.25 Released

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New Import Agreements task to create or update records within Finance -> Agreements area in Connectwise.


New List & Copy, List & Move and List & Zip tasks to wrap List Files with Copy File, Move File and Zip Files tasks to make them easier to use in Workflows and to reduce the amount of tasks used.

Magento V2

New Export Shipments to support exporting shipments for orders, along with any tracking details.

WooCommerce 3+

New product types supported in the Export Products and Import Products tasks to allow for managing product variants.


Support has been added to the Database Options to allow migrating between the different database types.


Campaign Monitor

The Export Subscribers task has been updated to support exporting subscribers of all status types.
The Import Subscribers task has been updated to improve how records are handled, and will now only update records where information has been changed.


The Export Accounting Batch (REST) task now supports filtering on location / owner level to control which records are exported.

Sage 50 UK

Customer & supplier matching has been updated to support looking up with additional address lines for Import Customers, Import Suppliers, Import Sales Orders and Import Purchase Orders tasks.
The Import Transactions task now supports setting the document link field when updating records to set attachments against transactions.

Sage 200

The Export Customers task now includes the default tax rate in the XML output.
The Update Sales Orders task now support auto printing and posting of invoices during the update process based on fields in the XML feed.


The connector has been updated to use version 2020-01 of the Shopify API.
Additional settings on the Export Orders task allows optionally including payment transactions in the XML output.
The Import Order Fulfilments and Import Order Payments tasks have been updated to support looking up orders based off of order number and order lines off of SKU, rather than needing the Shopify ids.


The connector has been updated to support a timeout setting per task to control how long Zynk will wait for responses from the API.


The connector has been updated to support connections using OAuth 2.0 - note this is a new connection type so you will have to create a new one using Connection Manager.


Sage 50 US

The Import Receipts task has been updated to resolve an issue where tax information was not set in the XML input, and a default was not set on the related customer. It will now not attempt to set any tax information on the receipt.

Sage 200

The connection has been updated to resolve an issue when 'Enforce Login Status' was enabled in System Administrator when running Zynk via a schedule.


The Import Inventory task has been updated to resolve an issue where an error was reported when 'Track Quantity' was disabled for items.

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