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Zynk Workflow 2021.10.3 Released

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Sage Business Cloud

Import Contact Payments - Added a new task to allow contact payments to be imported into Sage Business Cloud.
Export Contact Payments - Added a new task to allow contact payments to be exported from Sage Business Cloud.



Export Orders - Added support for exporting payment information with orders.

Sage 200

Import Tasks - Improved the custom field implementation, allowing for custom field table to be specified in the custom field name, allowing use of custom fields which are exposed via the standard Sage 200 Fields collection.

WooCommerce V3

Export Customers - Added support for specifying user role to export, would previously only export customers.



Export Contacts - Fixed an issue with NullReferenceException occurring when Export Details is true and the taxCode is null one or more of the returned contacts.
Export Tasks - Fixed an issue with modified date filtering, where new records that haven't been modified are not exported by Zynk.

Magento V2

Export Credit Memos - Fixed an issue when the Export Products setting is set to true, 'attempting to read response.Data.items[0] but the items collection is empty'.
Export Tasks
- Fixed some inconsistencies with how task counts are calculated.


Import Tasks - Fixed an issue with a 'Unable to cast object' error which occurs when the prevent reprocessing setting on the task is false.

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