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Zynk Workflow 2021.6.1 Released

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New connector to convert between EDI and XML formats

Sage 200 Online

Added an Import Sales Allocations task


History Tab - Added a 'Show Task' button to the task table context menu, which takes you to the associated task in the workflow



Export Orders - Payment details are now included in exported orders
Export Orders - Support providing a list of order IDs to export


REST Tasks - New option for specifying the timeout to use for API calls
Export Accounting Batch - Expense report information now included in exported data


Connection Manager - Expiry date of connection is now visible in the connection manager

Magento V1

Export Product Attribute Options - Add support for providing list of attributes to get options for

Magento V2

Import Tier Prices - Improved validation of records prior to import
Export Tasks - Improved logging of filters to include values when using Zynk Objects

Sage 50 UK

Auto Allocate Payments - Updated the allocation routine to allow SP and PR transactions to be allocated
Despatch Sales Orders - New option to write out orders that have failed to be despatched
Import Despatch Notes - Added the ability to specify InvoiceDate to the DespatchNote object. Currently the generated Invoice date would be the date that the despatch note is processed
Import Transactions - Auto Allocate Payments - Updated the allocation routine to allow SP transactions to be allocated against existing SC transactions and PR transactions to be allocated against existing PC transactions.

Sage 50 US

Import Receipts - Add support for setting the receipt number
Export Tasks - Added a date modified/created setting to all tasks that filtered on the last ran date

Sage 200

Export Tasks - Improved logging to include the oplock used in filters
Import Purchase / Sales Orders - Updated how default tax codes are determined to use the same behaviour as Sage 200
Import Purchase / Sales Orders - Updated how country codes are determined to ensure delivery address and VAT details are correct based on the Sage 200 country list
Export Customers / Sales Orders - Ensure contact fields are picked up from the customer record rather than default contact
Update Purchase / Sales Orders - Now supports updating analysis codes on order lines


Connection Manager - Updated default version of Salesforce API


All Tasks - New option to set the number of times a task will be retried


Connection Manager - Updated version of the Shopify API
Export Orders - New option to export product and variant data for order lines


Connection Manager - Updated to support query string REST API routing


Auto Mapper - Updated EKM auto mappers to support new XML format
Connection Manager - New option to send email notifications prior to connections expiring
Export Truth Records - Allow Collection to be specified, if no value specified then will continue to work as it previously did, effectively not filtering based on Collection
Export Truth Records - Allow Workflow Id to not be specified, if no value specified then export truth records for all Workflows
Export Workflow Package - New option to open the directory the package is saved to
Import Workflow Package - New option to allow specifying the directory to import to
Send Integration Report - Added support for the EKM XML import formats
Upsert Truth Records - Allow Collection field to be specified, either as a default on the task level or a field in the input XML
Upsert Truth Records - Allow Type field to be specified in the input XML
Upsert Truth Records - Allow empty values to be set, as long as the key field in use has a value, e.g. if updating via External, then ExternalId is required, otherwise InternalId is required
Upsert Truth Records - Improved task logging to make it clearer when a TruthRecord fails which one has failed, will fall back to the index logic if no other identifiers are set.
Upsert Truth Records - Improved task validation logic to ensure type is set



Export Orders - Resolved issue where the rolling download dates were not being set correctly

Cloud Commerce Pro

Export Tasks - Added functionality to allow multiple request intervals to be specified to address issues with tasks timing out. Behind the scenes the task will split larger date ranges based on the interval into multiple sub-requests


All Tasks - Updated to better handle schema changes between different versions of the API


Find and Replace - Resolved issue when trying to overwrite the input file

Sage 50 UK

Import Invoices & Sales Orders - Resolved an issue when calculating net value discount amounts
Import Projects - Resolved an issue when importing project addresses with no country specified
Import Transactions - Resolved an issue when setting document links during import
Import Transactions - Updated to correctly set default tax code based on transaction type and VAT settings

Sage 200

Import Despatch Notes - Resolved an issue with the allocation routine where allocated values may be reduced
Import / Despatch Sales Orders - Resolved an issue despatching orders with miscellaneous products
Import / Despatch Sales Orders - Resolved an issue despatching orders using manual traceable process


Complex Object Upload - Resolved an issue with lookups when using a LIKE condition


Export Orders - Resolved an issue where the download from date was being set to the last time the task ran, rather than last modified from Shopify


Import Credit Note Allocations - Improved error handling and added lookup functionality
Import Credit Note Allocations - If a credit note allocation is not valid, e.g. already allocated that credit note, the validation throws an exception which results in a fail on the task, rather than for the single allocation itself
Import Purchase Orders - Correct set the summarise errors flag to stop validation issues failing the entire import
Import Tasks - Improved the handling of validation exceptions


Extension Manager - Improved handling of download issues for extensions and their dependencies
Workflow Designer - Disable task context options and task renaming while a Workflow is running

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