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Zynk Workflow 2022.1.1 Released

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Amazon Seller Central

As the existing Amazon Seller Central API, which is built using a SOAP architecture, is being deprecated, we are pleased to announce the new Amazon Seller Central connector within Zynk, this library exposes the same behaviour previously available, making use of the newer REST API. 
Any existing Amazon Seller Central integrations will continue to work up until the point that the SOAP API is turned off, which is currently scheduled for July 2022. You will need to ensure that any existing integrations are updated by this time.

Sage 50 US

Export Receipts - Added support for exporting receipts from Sage 50 US.
Export Vendors - Added support for exporting vendors from Sage 50 US.
Import Vendors - Added support for importing vendors into Sage 50 US.

Sage Evolution (V7)

Added a new connector to the Zynk library, allowing integration with Sage Evolution V7. The new connector currently exposes the following tasks:
Import Customer Transactions - Added support for importing customer transactions into Sage Evolution V7.
Import Customers
- Added support for importing customers into Sage Evolution V7.
Import Sales Orders
- Added support for importing sales orders into Sage Evolution V7.


Added a new connector the the Zynk library, allowing integration with Shiptheory. The new connector currently exposes the following tasks:
Export Delivery Services - Added support for exporting delivery services from Shiptheory.
Export Package Sizes - Added support for exporting package sizes from Shiptheory.
Export Shipments - Added support for exporting shipments from Shiptheory.
Import Shipments - Added support for importing shipments into Shiptheory.

XSLT Transform

Date Functions - Added a GetDate function to get the current date and time. Also implemented as a method accepting a string parameter representing the date format to use.


Database Options - Added support for specifying use of SQLite. Existing users can upgrade their databases from SQLCE to SQLite if they would like, but this will not be done automatically. Any fresh Zynk installations will default to using SQLite.


Added a new connector to the Zynk library, allowing integration with Zenoti. The new connector currently exposes the following tasks:
Export Centers - Added support for exporting centers from Zenoti.
Export Sales
- Added support for exporting sales from Zenoti via their sales report API.
Export Stock
- Added support for exporting stock (inventory) information from Zenoti via their inventory API.



Export Accounting Batch - Added support for exporting time entry information relating to closed invoices.

Sage 200

All Export Tasks (excluding the Export Query task) - Added support for reading the current highest oplock value from the relevant table in Sage. Because oplock values are used to track record modifications, previously, if you wanted to get the current highest value from Sage, i.e. records modified from now, you would have to access the underlying Sage 200 database, know which table that the export relates to, and then convert the oplock to a big integer. You can now enter a value of MAX in the Oplock in the Export Settings in the task properties.

Sage 200 Online

Added support for additional fields on sales orders and sales order items, including nominal specifications. See the Zynk help site for more information on the supported fields.


File Transfer

All Tasks - Fixed an issue which meant that existing connections to the underlying FTP/SFTP aren't closed after the task finishes running.

Magento V2

All Tasks - Fixed an issue which meant that any invalid dates in the Magento database (e.g. 0000-00-00 00:00:00), would cause the task to fail when communicating with the Magento API.
Export Products - Fixed a "can't deserialize the current JSON object because array returned" error which happens when a product has Grouped Products defined.


Complex Object Upload - Fixed an issue which meant that that OperationType specified in the XML was not always respected.

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