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Zynk Workflow 2022.11.1 Released

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  • Export Categories - Added a task to export categories from BigCommerce.



  • Import Products - Added support for importing product / variant information.


Royal Mail

  • Added a new connector for Royal Mail.


Sage 50 UK

  • Import Purchase Invoices - Added support to create purchase invoices task, similar to the task in our Sage 200 library.



  • Export Fulfillments - Added a task to export fulfillments from ShipStation.
  • Export Tags - Added a task to export tags from ShipStation.



  • Import Products - Added task to import product data.
  • Export Products - Added task to export product data.



  • Email Invoices - Added support for emailing Xero invoices.



  • Added intellisense for context variables.



B2B Wave

  • Import Customers - Added support for setting address2 and currency.



  • Export GL Batch - Added support for fetching tickets via the additional references collection.
  • Import Companies - Added support for setting company finance fields.



  • The email library now uses the 'MailKit' library to send emails.



  • Export Orders - Include order details with export.


Sage 200

  • Export Query - Allow collection to be specified in the truth settings.
  • Import Customers - Set the invoice and credit note layout.
  • Import Purchase Invoices - Added support for specifying the quantity to invoice for each item.
  • Import Purchase Orders - Added support for setting direct delivery addresses at the item level.
  • Import Sales Orders - Added support for setting the item description on service items.
  • Import Sales Orders - Added option to auto create customers with sales order import.
  • All export tasks can now optionally detect modifications on joined tables.
  • Duplicate errors include the internal id from the Zynk truth table.

Sage 50 UK

  • Export Invoices - Include ProjectRef in the XML output.
  • Import Products - Added support for setting the last part of the 'Intrastat Commodity Code'.
  • Duplicate errors include the internal id from the Zynk truth table.


  • Export Orders - Added new fields to the output data.



  • Added validation to the 'Subdomain' property on the connection.



  • Import Contacts - Added support for automatically creating contact numbers.
  • Added support for auto creating contacts and contact numbers on Import Invoices, Purchase Orders & Credit Notes.



  • Updated the 'Quikflw' connector name to 'Zigaflw'.



  • Auto Mappers - Added Shopify inventory and fulfillment mappings.
  • All forms can now be closed on 'Esc' keystroke.
  • Display content of line causing XML error.
  • 'F1' keystroke will open the selected tasks documentation.




Amazon Seller Central

  • Export Financial Events - Resolved an issue with some records not being returned in the output.
  • Export Orders - Resolved an issue with parsing the output data.



  • Send Integration Report - Resolved an issue with records not being found when using 'Conditions' option.



  • List and Merge XML Files - Always output valid XML from this task.



  • Resolved an issue where the 'Site' dropdown option was not loading correctly.


Sage 200

  • Import Customers - The task will no longer unassign the 'Is Preferred' option if it is not present in the data.
  • Import Price Bands - The import will respect the value given via our import.
  • Import Stock Transactions - Insert truth record when a transaction type of 'Transfer' is provided.
  • Update Sales Orders - Resolved an issue whereby free text items cannot be despatched/received because the quantities are not flattened prior to processing.


Sage 50 UK

  • All validation errors are logged in a standard way.
  • Resolve issue with query when the last 'WHERE' clause logic operator was set to 'OR'
  • Export Report - Resolved issue with Sage 50 UK v28+ report tasks not working.
  • Import Despatch Notes - If the auto post fails, this won't be logged as an error, but as a warning.


Sage Business Cloud

  • Import Sales Invoices - Added better validation as a result of 504 gateway errors when importing sales invoices.



  • Import Complex Objects - Lookup fields that don't return a match were being removed from the XML, causing issues looking up records.



  • Export Orders - Resolved issue whereby the 'Export Products' option would cause the task to fail.
  • Import Inventory Updates - Resolved issue with inventory item id's being unnecessarily removed from our truth table.



  • Connection - Resolved an issue connecting to SugarCRM when 'SugarIdentity' is enabled in the instance.



  • Help -> About product and support link has been corrected.
  • When a variable is used that does not exist, the task will fail.
  • Extensions Manager - 'More information' links now resolve to the correct help documentation.

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