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Zynk Workflow 2022.12.1 Released

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  • New 'carousel' option



  • Added support for OAuth 2.0 authentication.



  • New task to convert HTML data to PDF documents.


Sage 50 US

  • Added support for version 2023.0.



  • New connector for Workbooks CRM that allows the import and export of records.


Zynk Options

  • Added support for TLS 1.3.




  • Increased the maximum elements per page to 12.



  • Now use ServiceStack.Text library for serializing and deserializing records to Peoplevox CSV format.


Sage 50 UK

  • Import Stock Records - Added support for setting country of origin via country code or name.
  • Import Stock Records - Added support for setting the re-order level.


Sage 50 US

  • Import Sales Orders, Sales Invoices & Purchase Orders - Optionally now read the GL Account information from the related inventory item.


Sage 200

  • Exports - Improved efficiency of all export tasks.
  • Export Stock Records - Include Maximum Build Quantity when BOM products are exported.
  • Export Stock Records - Improved efficiency when export BOM task setting is enabled.
  • Import Sales Orders & Purchase Orders - Added support for cancelling orders when the 'RecordOperation' is set to 'Update'.



  • Exports - Improved efficiency of exports by serializing records individually.



  • Import Credit Notes, Invoices & Purchase Orders - Now support setting DiscountAmount directly, as opposed to relying on DiscountRate.



  • Auto Mappers - Added more Shopify auto mappers.
  • Connections - Close connections within the workflow run to prevent intermittent hanging issues.
  • Designer - Any new tasks added to a workflow will be placed at the bottom.



Amazon Seller Central

  • Export Orders - Fixed error occurring when both 'Regions' and 'Order ID' task settings are provided.
  • Export Orders - Fixed issue with filtering orders by fulfillment channel.



  • Fixed an issue with tasks not working due to a missing dependency.
  • Send Integration Report - Now includes Shopify fulfillments as expected.


Sage 50 UK

  • Import Purchase Invoices - Carry project ref and cost code fields from purchase order header and/or item level.
  • Import Transactions - Log an error if ProjectItem is provided but ProjectRef is not when importing transactions with a type of 'PurchaseInvoice'.



  • Authentication issue with duplicating the bearer token has been resolved.



  • Revert to defaulting the database type to SQL CE.

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