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Zynk Workflow 2022.6.1 Released

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Amazon Vendor Central

We are pleased to announce the new Amazon Vendor Central connector within Zynk, this library exposes the same behaviour previously available via EDI, making use of the newer REST API.

Quickbooks Online

Import Bills - Added support for importing bills into Quickbooks Online.
Export Bills - Added support for exporting bills from Quickbooks Online.

Sage 200

Import Allocation Sessions - Added support for importing customer/supplier transaction allocations into Sage 200. Prior to this, allocation was only possible at the point that transactions were imported, meaning that existing transactions in Sage 200 could not be automatically allocated.


Export Payouts - Added support for exporting payouts from Shopify.


Import Overpayments - Added support for importing overpayments into Xero.

Export Overpayments - Added support for exporting overpayments from Xero.



Amazon Seller Central

Export Orders - Added support for additional item fields that have recently been added.

Sage 50 UK

Connection Manager - Added support for listing v28 companies in the connection wizard.

Despatch Sales Orders - Added a setting to control which date is used for the invoices, either the date off the sales order, or the date that the despatch is run.

Import Invoices - Added support for setting the OSS and IOSS fields.

Import Sales Orders - Added support for setting the OSS and IOSS fields.


Sage 50 US

Import Customers - Added automatic Customer ID generation settings.
Import Purchase Orders - Added support for setting the 'Remit to' address.

Import Sales Invoices - Added support for importing negative item lines.

Import Sales Orders - Added support for importing item lines without requiring a related inventory reference, also added support for setting the terms field.


Sage 200

Export Report - Added support for sending the report data to a printer directly, making use of Sage print routine.

Update Sales Orders - Allow orders to be taken off hold to allow allocations to be updated



Connection Manager - Added support for the latest version of the Shopify API.

Export Products - Added a setting to optionally export inventory item data per product.



Upsert Truth Records - Added support for the latest version of the Shopify API.

Export Products - Added support for matching existing records based on the truth database ID.




Bug Fixes


Import Invoice Payments - Process has been updated to ensure values exceeding invoice total no longer fail, and will instead set the payment to the invoice total, effectively marking the invoice as fully paid, as this is what the previous ConnectWise SOAP API would do.

Magento V2

Import Customers - Improved the logging of errors surrounding missing required fields.

Sage 50 US

Import Customers - Updated the process to use the Id from the XML, if provided.

Import Sales Orders - Updated the rounding of line totals to reflect the behaviour of the user interface.


Sage 200

Connection Manager - Updated how multiple Sage 200 connections within a single Workflow are managed, to resolve a potential issue, where a Sage 200 task may point to an incorrect company when the Workflow is running.

All Export Tasks - Updated how very high oplock values are used in the underlying queries, to address an issue with timeouts occurring at the SQL level.

Export Sales Orders - Resolved an issue where the item type on the sales order items was not set correctly, would always appear as Stock, regardless of whether it is Misc, Service or Stock in Sage 200.

Import Purchase Orders - Resolved an issue resulting in an error if attempting to import a purchase order with no delivery address.

Import Sales Orders - Resolved an issue resulting in an error if attempting to update an existing sales order, which has the full payment option ticked ('The full payment option has been selected. Amending values/quantities may lead to discrepancies in your bank and sales account records.').



Additions - Installation state is correctly tracked for all additions.

Application Log - Application logs now correctly showing logs created outside of Workflows.

Export Truth Records -  Resolved issue with exporting new or modified records for installs using SQLite.

Insert Truth Record - Improved the logging of errors surrounding missing required fields.

Integration Library - Nested integration templates now correctly handled.

Send Integration Report - Field customisation table will now resize with the form.

Start Workflow  - Resolved an issue with how the working directory was calculated if child workflows are in nested directories.

Text Editor - Resolved an issue with Ctrl+Z (undo operation), clearing the text editor contents if the form had just been opened.

Welcome Page - The statistics page will correctly build queries based on the database type in use.

Zynk Object Form - Fixed an issue which could cause unhandled exceptions to occur when the user is editing a Zynk Object Value outside of the context of an active workflow, for example, when creating/managing certain connection types via the Connection Manager.

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