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Zynk Workflow 2022.8.1 Released

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Sage 50 US

Import/Export Purchase Orders - Add support for importing and exporting the Customer ID field.

Import Purchase Orders - Add support for importing the goods through date field, previously only supported exporting this field.

Import/Export Vendors - Add support for importing and exporting the Email field on the General tab.



Bug Fixes

Sage 50 US

Export Receipts - Improved error handling when processing records.

Fixes unable to cast object error.

Import Customers/Vendors - Added checking prior to setting certain related records.

Fixes object reference not set to an instance of an object when attempting to set contacts without specifying the Address object.

Import Tasks - Fixed the validation of Address1 on various imports which use addresses.

Fixes the error 'State - The string entered is too long. It must not be longer than 30 characters.'

Allow Address1 to be set to maximum length allowed in Sage 50 US.

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