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Zynk Workflow 2023.10.1

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Sage 50 Canada


We are pleased to announce we have added a Sage 50 Canada library to Zynk Workflow. This connector allows you to seamlessly import and export data from your Sage 50 Canada company.


If you would like to integrate Sage 50 Canada, please contact our sales team on 0191 303 7279.



The following tasks are included in this library:


  • Export Customers
  • Export Items
  • Export Receipts
  • Export Vendors
  • Import Customers
  • Import Purchase Invoices
  • Import Purchase Orders
  • Import Purchase Quotes
  • Import Sales Invoices
  • Import Sales Orders
  • Import Sales Quotes
  • Import Vendors


If you do not see the task you require listed above, please contact our sales team on 0191 303 7279.


Connector Manager


We're pleased to announce the implementation of the new Connector Manager in Zynk.



This feature allows you to seamlessly move between different versions of the same connector. For example, if you are currently running Sage 50 US v2019.1 and you have upgraded to 2023, you will be required to update your Zynk connector, as well as your connections and workflows. To do this, you can now navigate to Manage > Connectors, and then select the Sage 50 US connector and update to 2023. You will be given the option to convert your connections and workflows following the connector update.


Furthermore, this feature can be used to install some of our connectors that require larger installations, such as Web Automation.



Sage 50 Canada

  • We've implemented an easier way to manage connectors with different versions in Zynk.


Zynk Core

  • Connector Manager - We've implemented an easier way to manage connectors with different versions in Zynk.



Sage 200

  • Import GRNs - We now support over receiving purchase orders in Sage 200.


Sage 50 UK

  • We've added a 'Release' drop down to the connection form. This helps you differentiate between company data stored on different versions.


Sage 50 US

  • Export Inventory - We now include the Stocking U/M field in our export data.


Zynk Core

  • Mutex overhaul. We've improved how Zynk handles running multiple workflows at the same time, via UI and task scheduler.
  • We've improved the truth data viewer in Zynk. You can now specify a page number to save skipping through several pages to get the information you want.




  • Import Customers - Fixed an issue with setting customer addresses with an id via the customer import.



  • Export Invoices - We've fixed an issue with the most recent record being exported multiple times.


Sage 200

  • Export Customers - We've resolved a bug when exporting delivery addresses with no country selected.


Zynk Core 

  • We've refactored our launch process so the application opens a lot quicker.

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