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Zynk Workflow 2023.4.1

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  • Import Files - We now support creating files in Shopify.





  • Zip Files - Optionally set the 'Root Directory' to retain the folder structure in the resulting zip file.


Sage 200

  • Import Sales Orders - We've expanded the update functionality to allow existing items to be amended or removed. New items can also be added to an existing order.
  • Import Sales Orders - We now support taking existing orders off hold.



  • Export Orders - You can now optionally filter on a custom date range. The date type is a Zynk object, so you can use razor to generate custom date ranges.



  • Import Inventory - Now optionally set inventory item fields, such as country_code_of_origin, harmonized_system_code etc.



  • Zynk Object Form - For XSLT & Auto Mapper tasks, launch Xslt Builder when the 'Edit' or 'Customise' button is clicked. If the Xslt Builder extension is not installed, the standard text editor will be launched.





  • Download Orders - Fixed an issue with 'Export Payments' setting not working when 'Export Details' was disabled.


Remote File Transfer (FTP, SFTP)

  • Connection - The connection wizard was throwing an error when the port number for this connection was left blank.



  • Zynk Object Form - When dragging and dropping a folder onto this form, the type is now correctly set to 'Folder, HTTP or FTP location'.


Zynk Core

  • For opening .wpk files, the application will now request login details before opening the 'Import Workflow Package' form.

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