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Zynk Workflow 2023.5.1

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Sage 200

  • We can now confirm support for Sage 200 2023 R1.


Sage 50 US

  • A new implementation of the export inventory task using ODBC.
  • Export Quotes - A new task to export quotes from Sage 50 US.
  • Import Quotes - A new task to import quotes into Sage 50 US.




  • Export Agreements - We've added support for fetching the territory manager.



  • Import Files - We now output the file id in the success file.
  • Export Products - We've added support for exporting product variant meta data.



Sage 200

  • Import Sales Orders - The 'Auto Print Order Invoice' task setting will now add the order to the printer spool.
  • Import Sales Orders - Fixed an issue whereby partial payments was not recognised.


Sage 200 Online

  • Import Purchase Invoices - We can now set document tax value.


Royal Mail

  • Fixed a 'failed to parse response' error.



  • Fixed 'object not set' error when auto creating contact numbers.

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