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Zynk Workflow 2023.5.2

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Mano Mano

  • A new connector to integrate with the DIY ecommerce platform, Mano Mano.



Sage 50

  • Import Customers - We've improved the matching logic for delivery addresses in our import routine.



  • We have updated our connector to us ethe most recent endpoints provided by the SparkLayer API.



  • We've renamed some connectors in the task library to better reflect their functionality.



Cloud Commerce Pro

  • When the API returns a fault, this will now be logged and reported as an error in Zynk.



  • Export Sales - We now return sales from all tills in your Eskimo system.


Expense Once

  • Exporting large data sets will no longer cause timeout and throttling issues.


Sage 200

  • Export Sales Orders - The traceable line item information will now always reflect what is in Sage.
  • Import Sales Orders - When using the Manual Order Number setting, the import routine will take into account the type of sales order (e.g SopReturn) so there are no problems matching numbers to the wrong type of order.


Sage 50

  • Our import task for sales orders and invoices now reflects the logic in Sage for creating S1, S2 and S3 item lines.


  • Send Integration Report - Fixed an 'object not set' error when using the default remote connection.


  • Fixed an issue with the table columns moving when the history is refreshed.


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