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Zynk Workflow 2023.6.2

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Restore Workflows

  • If you go to Tools -> Restore Workflows, you can now restore corrupted workflows.
  • Also, if you try and open a corrupted workflow, a prompt will appear to restore the workflow if there is a valid backup available.



  • There is a new task that allows you import files into Salesforce.


Sugar Scout (2023.6.1)

  • We've introduced versioning to the Sugar Scout extension app.
  • Now supports instances using the SQLite database.
  • We've fixed an issue with getting an object not set error when SugarIdentity is enabled.



  • We've added in functions that you can call from an XSLT or Auto Mapper task. You can now call GetCustomer, GetProduct and GetOrder for the following connectors.
    • Shopify (namespace: urn:ShopifyFunctions)
    • Magento v2 (namespace: urn:MagentoFunctions)
    • WooCommerce v3.0+ (namespace: urn:WooCommerceFunctions)
  • We've also added in some logging functions, so you can log to the Zynk database from an XSLT or Auto Mapper.
    • urn:LogFunctions
  • There are examples of this functionality on our help site.
  • If you have the XSLT Builder extension installed, when you edit an XSLT or Auto Mapper in your workflow, this will now launch the XSLT builder app instead of the default text editor.
    • You can optionally disable this feature by going to Tools -> Display -> Disable XSLT Builder.


XSLT Builder (2023.6.1)

  • We've added versioning to the XSLT Builder extension app.
  • You can now launch the application with the workflow ID and XSLT / Auto Mapper task ID as line arguments.
  • You can now launch the application with multiple files as line arguments.
  • We've also added more sample templates, so you can see how to use the new XSLT functions library.


Zip Search (2023.6.1)

  • We've added versioning to the Zip Search extension app.
  • A bug with the 'created by' date not taking the year into account when filtering has been resolved.
  • The manual directory text box will now be populated with the selected workflow, even if you are not using the manual directory.
  • Fixed issues with larger archive folders causing out of memory issues.


Zynk Log Manager (2023.6.1)

  • We've added versioning to the Zynk Log Manager extension app.
  • A bug where an error message would be thrown by running a delete query has been resolved.


Zynk Sage 50 US Manager (2023.6.1)

  • We've added a new extension tool that allows you to seamlessly upgrade/downgrade the version of your Sage 50 US connector.
  • Furthermore, this app allows you to convert your workflows and connections between different versions of the connector.




Extensions Manager

  • The form has been refactored and we've also added new icons for the applications.
  • We've also added versioning to all of our extension apps. You can upgrade your version via the extension manager.


Remote File Transfer (FTP, SFTP)

  • We've updated the connection to allow you to connect with a public and private key.



  • We've updated our library to use the latest version of the API.



B2B Wave

  • We've fixed an issue with the serialization process in our common library that was causing an issue in this connector.


Sage 200

  • Import Sales Orders - For updating existing order item lines, we've fixed a bug where items weren't being deleted.


Sage 50 UK

  • The documentation URL in some validation messages was a dead link. We've updated the log message to use the correct URL.



  • Import Complex Objects - We've fixed a bug in the response hadnling, the error message from a 400 response should now be displayed correctly.
  • Import Complex Objects - There was a problem setting fields to null when using the bulk API.
  • Import Complex Objects - The {ParentId} can no longer be used when there is no parent object.

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