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Zynk Workflow 2023.7.1

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  • A new connector that integrates with the Bluepark ecommerce system.


Magento 2

  • Import Tracking - A new task that allows you to import tracking information against an existing shipment in Magento 2.



  • Export Couriers - A new task to export courier information from ShipStation.




  • Import Agreements - We now support setting the additions on agreements in ConnectWise.



  • Send Email - We've updated the retry logic for sending emails with Zynk. If the send fails, we will disconnect from the server and attempt to reconnect before retrying. This means that if the server has closed the connection, the retry will succeed.



  • Export Invoices - We've added more detail to the invoices data. This includes shipping cost and the option to export the related client information.


Sage 50 UK

  • Import Sales Orders - A new task setting that allows you to automatically despatch the sales orders you import.
  • Import Sales Orders - We've expanded our update routine to allow you to set the consignment number and courier on existing sales orders.


XSLT Builder

  • You can now clearly see the files being edited, and furthermore, whether they need to be saved or not.



Sage 50 UK

  • Import Customers - We've improved the validation routine when importing multiple delivery addresses against a customer.



  • Import Complex Objects - Fixed an 'object not set' error when a lookup is not found.



  • Export Orders - There was an issue with the Shopify API, whereby orders were not being returned when the fulfillment and/or financial status was set to 'any'. This has since been fixed, but just to be safe, we have updated our code to remove these parameters from the request if they are set to 'any'.



  • Fixed an issue with getting paginated results.
  • Fixed an issue serializing error responses from batch imports.



  • Import Contacts - We now log a warning when the auto generation is not enabled, this was previoyly logged as an error which is misleading.
  • Import Invoices - Fixed an 'object not set' error when a contact is not provided. This is not a required field, so should not produce an error.


XSLT Functions

  • We've fixed an issue with the HasChanged method in our XSLT functions library. Previously, this was returning true if there was an indentation in the data. We've updated the routine to ignore any formatting whitespace, so the correct value will always be returned.


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