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Zynk Workflow 2023.9.1

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Yooz is a purchasing platform that streamlines your P2P processes, which you can now integrate with Zynk seamlessly.


We have tasks to export and mark purchasing files as downloaded, as well as import tasks that allow you to post feedback and other data to your Yooz account.


For a full documentation reference, please see here.


Archive Workflow Data - Extra Files & Directories

We now support archiving extra files and folders with our Archive Workflow Data task. This task is typically used to clean the working directory after an integration run, but you can now also include global files in your archives.


For example, if you have a global file in your working directory that is used each time the integration runs, you would want to include this in your archive so you now what the file contents were at the time of the workflow run.


Salesforce - Import Complex Objects - Insert / Update Fields

Our powerful Salesforce task that allows you to create and update any object in Salesforce has been enhanced. We now support setting fields to be insert / update only.


For example, if you are creating and updating accounts in Salesforce with Zynk, you may wish to set each new account a default nominal code, however, you would prefer your sales staff to manage this information in Salesforce once the account has been created. You would set your nominal code field to be 'insert only' to prevent it being updated every time the integration runs.





  • We have implemented a connector library that integrates with Yooz.




  • Archive Workflow Data - We've implemented a feature to archive any extra files required that are not in the working directory.


Integration Library

  • When adding workflows from the integration library, the task identifier will be regenerated, to avoid issues with loading auto mappers.


Sage 200

  • Import Sales Orders - We now support setting unit weight on sales order items.



  • Salesforce - Import Complex Objects - We've resolved an issue that occurred when looking up fields.
  • Import Complex Objects - We now support fields being set to insert / update only.




  • Import Order Updates - We've resolved a bug whereby the success / fail files were writing out the incorrect records.



  • There was an issue with the default headers that were being set on requests to the DPD API.


Sage 200

  • Import GRN - A bug has been patched when calculating the available amount in a batch when importing GRN's with batch / serial information.
  • Import Transactions - We've resolved an issue with the check references setting when importing purchase transactions.


Sage Business Cloud

  • Export Contact Payments - Fixed the help link on the Sage Business Cloud export contact payments task.



  • Import Complex Objects - We've resolved an issue that occurred when looking up fields.



  • Import Fulfillments - Fixed the help link on the Shopify import fulfillments task.



  • Import Products - We've fixed a serialization issue with the manage stock property. It is possible to set this to 'parent' when the item is a variant, however, we previously only allowed this to be set to true/false.

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